Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC)

 One of the leading renewable/sustainable infrastructure companies in the world. It is a 100-year-old Global Fortune 200 company with over 90,000 employees in 50 countries worldwide and annual revenues over $18 billion dollars (USD). They are one of the foremost companies providing diverse citizen services globally with a focus on renewable energy, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and design-build-operate concessions with municipalities and utility companies worldwide. FCC They are one of the largest companies in Spain and the foremost leader in environmental services and infrastructure for all of Europe.

They are one of the leading companies providing diverse municipal services globally with a focus on renewable energy EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and design-build-operate concessions with municipalities and utility companies worldwide. They have pioneered the idea of providing total “citizen services” and set the standard for good use of natural resources and water, the development of cleaner energy, and efficient infrastructure construction and management – in short, they are capable of generating prosperity and well-being for the citizens they serve.

FCC has installed over 750 MW of renewable energy including Waste to Energy( WTE), Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), wind, solar thermal, and solar PV projects. FCC has considerable experience designing, building, and operating renewable energy projects.  Additionally, FCC has experience providing end-to-end water and waste management services.  FCC’s experience with a broad range of renewable energy technology combined with their construction, water and waste management capabilities make them a uniquely qualified partner.



A global design and business consulting firm. Outstanding solutions, innovation and value characterize their work. As professional consultants, ARUP has a vast pool of technical expertise across the world, enabling them to achieve the best possible results for their clients. They are the creative force behind many of the world's most innovative and sustainable projects.

Formed in 1946, the firm now has over 10,000 staff based in 90 offices in 37 countries. ARUP's projects have taken them to more than 160 countries. Arup established its first North American office, opening in San Francisco in 1985. With a growing local reputation for integrated engineering design, Arup's staff numbers and clientele grew. Arup now has 10 offices and 1,000 staff throughout the continent.

At Arup, they believe that the energy issues for businesses, governments and individuals alike are clear: to use less energy in society; when energy is used, to use it more efficiently; to have a wide portfolio of energy generation technologies that minimize the environmental impact; to promote and embrace the use of renewable energy generation technologies. They work to achieve this embraces a wide range of skills and disciplines.

Renewable electricity generation is coming to the fore with pressure from governments worldwide to reduce environmental emissions and look for sustainable energy sources. The skills that Arup has built up over years, are ideally suited to the renewable energy market.


Overland Partners | Architects

A San Antonio based company, has been involved in sustainable design since the early 1990’s and are considered national experts in sustainable issues. They have designed and completed billions of dollars of complex sustainable projects across the United States, as well as internationally. Overland Partners were recently selected to lead an international team to develop a new sustainable city adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the ancient city of LiJiang, China. This new plan was heralded by the Chinese government as an important new way of thinking about sustainable development. Overland is currently involved in numerous projects across China as well as net zero energy and renewable water projects in the United States.


Catalyst Advisors

Catalyst Advisors is a Small, Veteran and Women-owned business advisory firm that focuses on innovative, process-based solutions and complex governmental contracting. The firm has over 30-years of experience providing services for the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and the Office of Management and Budget. Catalyst provides Federal Government business advisory and professional services including: Privatization, Strategic Planning, Business Process Reengineering, Procurement, Project Management, Outsourcing, Performance Measurement, Financial Management, Resource Management and Statistical Analysis.

Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute

The Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute was created to develop citizen leaders for the global community committed to transform the energy future of San Antonio, Texas and the nation. The Institute integrates scientific discovery, engineering innovation and policy deliberations with pragmatic implementation and a commitment to our multicultural traditions to realize the promise of tomorrow's America as a global energy leader. The Institute also provides systems solutions that pursue novel opportunities for technology insertion to reduce costs, improve reliability and assure responsible environmental stewardship that contributes to our energy future.