Who we are

Emerald Infrastructure, LLC is a San Antonio-based company formed by two of our strategic partners, Overland Partners | Architects and Catalyst Advisors to bring together the world’s foremost experts in renewable energy production, sustainable infrastructure, and sustainable design.

What would be our legacy? How will we change the face of the United States? What opportunities will we create for our children? How will we meet the great challenges of energy, water, and pollution? How can we inspire greatness when nothing less will do? These were some of the essential questions we wrestled with when we took the step to form Emerald Infrastructure. The coming decades will have extraordinary energy and infrastructure needs that our company and clients will help fulfill.

Our group unites the diverse skills, experience, and desire to tackle these great challenges.  Services we provide to over-come these challenges are:

  • We design and execute holistic and comprehensive system-based solutions.
  • We have leveraged our skills in leading complex projects to create a dynamic process and project approach.
  • Our strategy involves a series of long-term, strategic partnerships with industry and community institutions to provide a comprehensive plan and the capacity to deliver these services to our clients.